Diwali with Diya and Candles

Someone rightly said that ‘Truth is stranger than fiction. And yes, truth indeed is. Otherwise, how it is that even in the glossy and glittering twenty-first century, besides all the modern amenities and technologies, statistics are showing that Diya and Candles are still two of the most sold items, along with accessories, electronic gadgets, dresses, home appliances, and other things. Surprising, but true.

Well, Diwali is knocking at the door. From North to South the whole of India gets lit up with the festive look of Diwali. Diwali is celebrated on dark Amavasya night. When the darkness of the sky tries to devour our environment at that time we light up our homes with light. Bright crackers go to the sky and make the sky gleam. Our homes get lit up with the light of hope. Diya is the most traditional and authentic thing of celebrating several festivals. It symbolizes virtue and purity. Diwali celebration is incomplete without gorgeous earthen Diya. From a simple style, it has evolved into a more artistic form. From the simple small ideas to the big fancy ones, each of them is viable for a place at our homes. For any Hindu celebration, the earthen Diya is a symbol of ritual and elegance. The simple Diya still has the old charisma in them. People across the whole of India buy them to decorate their temples and houses. Diya increases the appeal of the surrounding. The oil of a Diya symbolizes the sins of human beings while the cotton symbolizes the soul. Together it symbolizes that by burning Diya human beings burn their inner sins and become pure. Every nook and corner of our home becomes bright with light and laughter. Nowadays various fancy lights are grabbing the market but none can beat the gentle glow of Diya.


There are various types of Diya available in the market. The most primitive one is the earthen one. People need to buy this type of Diya before Diwali and soak it into the water to prepare it for burning. If you want a shining one you can go for the brass Diya or silver diya. There are also porcelain and terracotta Diya with aesthetic looks. If you don’t want the oily mess you can simply go for the electric Diya that are very popular nowadays. If you are staying abroad you might miss the variety of Diya that you would get from the Indian shopping sites easily. But don’t worry, we’ve got you. You can shop according to your choice from Indian online shopping sites and we will send those to you with care. Hope the write-up will be helpful for you to choose your favorite Diya and decorate your house in Diwali. You may stay apart but you should not miss the essence of India.




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