Keeping Your Shipments Safe and Compliant: Know What’s Restricted

We do not accept or ship any items that can be considered offensive, prohibited, hazardous or dangerous items, such as fire extinguishers, chemicals, plants, seeds, animal parts, weapons, ammunition, parts/accessory of weapons or counterfeit item or other items that a mail carrier would not accept.


Please note that all items are shipped via air and so we follow much more stringent restrictions than for carriers that ship via ground or sea.

The following are examples of the type of merchandise or use of forwarding shipping services prohibited by the Forward Parcel. The list is not exhaustive, and the company reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate action, including returning merchandise, suspending or terminating account, and/or reporting matter to law enforcement authorities, should the Company reasonably believe it to be required by applicable law, or if it reasonably suspects fraudulent or otherwise illegal activity is afoot. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that all items sent to our warehouse satisfy all laws and regulations of India.

  • All items subjected to Export Control by India
  • All items subjected to Import restrictions by transit or destination countries
  • Hazardous or combustible materials (as defined in IATA Regulations)
  • Flammable liquids/solids, Oxidizing substances
  • Toxic/infectious substances including Rat Poisons, Pesticides, etc.
  • Radioactive material, corrosive like cleaning fluids
  • Nail polishes, products containing alcohol, eyeliners, perfumes, deodorants, sprays, and all other products are restricted to ship via air by authorities or the shippers. 

  • Electronics that require Export licenses like Radars, Sonars, Telecom equipment, etc
  • Live or dead animals
  • Hunting (Animal) trophies, animal parts such as ivory, skins, and sharks’ fin, animal remains, or Animal-by-Products
  • Human and animal remains or ashes
  • Bullion (of any precious metal)
  • Asbestos, dry ice, magnetized material
  • Currency, Cash, Travelers checks

  • Loose precious and semi-precious stones
  • All illegal drugs, controlled substances, narcotics, and drug paraphernalia
  • Products with batteries, magnets, and anything that are restricted to ship by the regulators or shippers.
  • Agarbattis/Incense sticks (Limited quantity – 1kg of agarbattis/incense per shipment allowed)
  • Unidentified or improperly/insufficiently marked powders, liquids, fluids or substances
  • Gambling items like lottery tickets, slot machines, etc.
  • Goods containing compressed air like shock absorbers, air bags,
  • Counterfeit goods or fake items
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Antiques like statues, sculptures and artwork
  • All plant seeds
  • Drugs: prescription and non-prescription
  • Ivory
  • Pornography, condoms, sex toys

  • Soil samples
  • Lighters containing fuel
  • Law enforcement or defence equipment including handcuffs, batons, shields, helmets, body armor, smoke signals etc
  • All explosives, firearms, weapons including any gun parts or accessories, etc.
  • Mace, stun guns, knives, scissors, etc.

  • Imitation Jewellery without appraiser certificate
  • Milk, meat, perishable and animal based food products

  • Food products without FSSAI certification to Australia and New Zealand

  • Products made from precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum

  • Fragile products that might get damaged in transit