Indian Kitchen Essentials NRIs Must Have

Found that you love cooking Indian food when you were tapping into your inner chef during the pandemic? Is your kitchen well equipped with all Indian Kitchen Essentials? Well, you’re not alone! Countless NRIs made calls back home to their loved ones with one goal – getting their hands on beloved family recipes. Eventually, they got down to business, using coffee grinders for the masalas and making Paneer Tikkas in their microwaves.

However, as any Indian grandmother will tell you, you need proper utensils and traditional kitchen equipment to actually end up with authentic Indian dishes! In this blog, we will spotlight a few of them so that you are able to whip up lip-smacking Indian meals every single time:

1. Belan And Chakla

The belan is essentially the thinner version of the rolling pin. If you’re a fan of round, soft rotis, then this is a must-have in your kitchen. You can, of course, do without the chakla which is used to flatten the flour dough, and use any flat surface for the purpose. But nothing can match the chakla because it makes moving the flat dough around to make it rounder extremely easy.


2. Pressure Cooker

Found in every Indian kitchen, this is your shortcut to cooking perfectly boiled rice! In addition to this, you can always prepare rajma, pulses, and chhole masala in a pressure cooker within less than an hour. All the more reason for you to have this wonderful tool in your kitchen!

3. Stainless Steel Idli Maker

If you have been pining for idlis for breakfast, you can easily prepare them at home with the help of a robust stainless steel idli maker. These whip out soft, melting in the mouth idlis within minutes. Pair them with spicy South Indian coconut chutney to get a taste of paradise right at home.


4. Masala Box

Any Indian cook who takes his/her craft seriously will have this in the kitchen, always in sight! And why not? Spices are the crowning glory of Indian cuisine and a calculated combination of spices go into the makes of each main dish.

While cooking, you do not want to spend valuable time searching frantically for the right spice! Thankfully, there is a solution – masala boxes. A masala box usually has compartments to store 4-5 spices at once and also comes with spoons so that you can add the right quantity of spices. Problem solved.


In addition to this, make sure that you invest in a sturdy mortar and pestle to grind your spices and herbs for chutneys. Numerous Indian websites and retailers of kitchen essentials have an enviable collection of items that are integral to cooking Indian cuisine. Want to ship kitchen tools from India to the US or the UK at affordable prices? We can get it done!

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