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How to buy fresh snacks from India to abroad easily? – That could be a burning question if you’re a “Non Resident Indian”.

All of us share a love for Indian snacks and absolutely go gaga over our favorite ones! The list is literally endless when it comes to the options we have before us – from Aloo bhujia, Bikaneri bhujia, Chanachur, Chevda. Chakris, Banana chips… we can go on and on.

However, for those living abroad, getting their hands on these delectable snacks can get a bit tricky. Many a time, it is also incredibly difficult to find them in popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon if you are unwilling to splurge on shipping. But not to worry, there are a few reliable ones that have a great collection of Indian snacks and have associated themselves with physical stores in India that are known for their amazing offerings. Read on to know more:

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Here are 3 Online Stores To Help You Buy Snacks From India To Abroad:


Whether you are looking for regional delights such as Burhanpuri Gathiya, Mysore Murukku, or Maharashtrian Shankarpale, Postcard has got you covered. It offers snacks from regions such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal. It also ensures an authentic snacking experience with its focus being on promoting homemade snacks sans the preservatives.


Induben Khakhrawala

All Gujaratis in the house, rejoice because khakra and bhakri can now be delivered at your doorstep even if you live thousands of miles away! While the story of Induben is a legend in itself back home, the snacks available at its stores in Gujarat are to die for. They have even got kharis that will go amazingly well with your evening tea. Regardless of whether you are craving something savory or spicy, you will come across numerous flavor options that are sure to satiate your cravings and make you feel content too!



No discussion on Indian snacks can really be complete without the mention of Haldiram’s! What started as a small shop in the city of Bikaner has now transformed into a business having multiple chains in India with a reputation for offering delicious, fresh snacks. Its website has got a great collection of spicy, sweet, and savory tidbits as well as biscuits. Check it out today.

If you are craving Indian snacks, simply place an order with one of these reliable businesses and get your package delivered to an Indian address with our help. After we receive your order, we will ship it over to your home at a low shipping price ASAP!

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