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Not all shoppers are the same so we came up with fantastic choices for you! Shop from India without any worry about exorbitant shipping costs!

Occasional Purchases From India?

Get our Standard Membership – Free to join and get your Indian address immediately. Pay as you use the other services. Free secure storage of your purchases upto 30 days.

Love Indian Stuff And Planning To Get More Than A Single Parcel In A Year?

Our Premium Membership is perfect for you, you only pay the carrier charge and everything else* is included in your membership. We will even up the free storage to upto 60 days for you!

Choose Your Membership Plan

Whether you’re an occassional shopper or a shopoholic, we’ve got you covered. Choose a membership plan that suits your needs and let’s get shopping.

(*Any carriage costs incurred by us to return the item to the vendor will be passed on to the customer.)

Standard Membership


always :)

  • FREE Indian Address
  • 3 photos of each package
  • Storage up to 30 days
  • Shipment tracking and management
  • Customs Declaration paperwork
  • Consolidation ₹500 per one shipping order

  • Detailed photo service ₹500

  • Returns processing ₹100 per item

  • Extended Storage ₹100 per product per day

Premium Membership

Premium Membership


per annum

  • Discounted International Shipping Prices
  • FREE Indian Address
  • 10 photos of each package
  • Storage upto 60 days
  • Shipment tracking and management
  • Customs Declaration paperwork
  • FREE Consolidation
  • FREE Detailed photo service
  • FREE returns processing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Faster processing of orders
  • Extended Storage ₹100 per product per day

Additional Services

Assisted Purchase

The cost of our Assisted Purchase Service is ₹296 + 4% of the Total Goods Purchase Cost.

Special Requests

Need your purchase gift wrapped? Want us to add more bubble wrap while repackaging? Anything else you want us to help with? We are always happy to help!

Shipping Calculator

Checkout the international shipping prices using our shipping calculator