5 essential questions to ask before you choose a parcel services

Online shopping has taken the world by storm; there’s no doubt about it and it is this increasing demand which has given birth to parcel forwarding services.

When it comes to parcel forwarding, it is important to choose an efficient and highly professional parcel forwarder. If you are on the lookout for one, this post is for you. Consider these 5 questions before committing to a particular parcel forwarding service.

What is the level of experience?

More the number of years in the industry indicate that the parcel forwarder would be competent enough to deal with different situations like handling your customs and warehousing problems and so on. Also, an experienced parcel forwarder has the ability to minimize your shipping related problems and can ensure a smooth and timely delivery.

Forward Parcel, one of the most reliable parcel forwarding companies in India has been offering their services to more than 35000 customers across 200 countries in a safe and secure manner without any hassles.

 How is the customer service?

Customer service can be a deal breaker if not handled well. In case something goes wrong and you need assistance regarding the whereabouts of your parcel, the parcel forwarding service should offer great customer support which can help track your parcel in real time. Be sure to ask the parcel forwarder that in case if an issue arises with your parcel, how much time will it take to get resolved? Do they offer immediate assistance?

With Forward Parcel, you can be fully assured of a great customer support. Their dedicated customer support is available via phone, chat and email in case of any assistance you may need.

 Is the price affordable?

Choose a parcel forwarding service that is affordable when it comes to charges and which can offer a discount on shipping fees. Do check with the parcel forwarder before you sign the dotted line in order to avoid surprises in the future. Also check if the parcel forwarding company is charging a storage fee.

With Forward Parcel, you can choose between a standard or premium membership, depending on how regularly you will be shipping and save up to 85% of the shipping cost. Also, they can securely store your purchases depending on your membership.

 Can I track my packages?

It is always best to go with a parcel forwarding service that allows you to track your package till it reaches your destination and especially in case of lost goods.

Forward Parcel ensures that they never lose track of your parcel and track it minute-by-minute so that it reaches you on time and in safe manner.

 Do they offer consolidation service?

Consolidation service means combining multiple packages to create one final package. The main benefit is cost savings as you would be paying to ship just one package rather than multiple smaller ones. This also means you get all your purchases at once!

Forward Parcel does it the right way. We will also send you pictures of the consolidated package before sending it out mentioning the size and the weight of the shipment.

With the answers to these 5 questions, you can get a good idea of how reliable your parcel forwarding service is. Choose the best service and keep shopping!

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