virtual address in india

So, what is a Virtual Address? And why do you need a Virtual Address in India?

Thinking about getting new stuff from Indian online marketplaces this summer season? The best thing about buying from Indian stores is that you will find a lot of amazing options at an affordable price range. But there is no doubt that it can get complicated and of course, there is the issue of exorbitant shipping fees. The same can be avoided by consolidating packages and hiring parcel forwarders to get your order to your doorstep. All of this is made possible with the help of a physical Indian address. More in this article:

Why A Virtual Address In India?

Many Indian retailers offer a great inventory of products but sadly, they don’t ship overseas. In addition to this, buying from Indian retail websites from an overseas address might result in items costing you more than they cost in the country of origin. This doesn’t mean that have to lose out on amazing deals! Thankfully, this can be easily avoided by getting an Indian address of your own.

You can easily get your parcel forwarding service provider to assign an Indian address using which you can order whatever you need. The parcel forwarders will receive your order on your behalf and then ship it over to you. You will receive the package within 5-7 working days and save up to 80% in shipping fees alone.

There are quite a few benefits associated with choosing this option. Forward Parcel, in particular, offers you an Indian address for free. So, you end up saving quite a few dollars as far as shipping is concerned! You can also request their experts to hold on to your parcels for up to 30 days.

But that’s not all. When you choose to get an Indian address to shop from your favorite online retailers, you also get pictures of your packages and process returns faster if you don’t like what you see. In addition to this, you can also ask for your packages to be gift wrapped or wrapped up in extra bubble wrap for safety.

Interested in buying a few items and shipping them from India to the USA or the UK? Make sure that you have your very own Indian address for the same! We recommend that you give Forward Parcel’s Premium Membership Plan a look if you ship from India to your doorstep multiple times a year. This could make the shipping process more affordable and hassle-free in the long run.

You can always start with your FREE Account with us & get your international shipping cost reduced 80% less compared to other couriers and e-commerce shipping.

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