We at Forward Parcel want to maximise your savings.

We combine multiple purchases in to one consolidated parcel saving you big bucks on international shipping charges.

How Forward Parcel Works

Your New Indian Address

Sign up with Forward Parcel and get your own Indian shipping address instantly.

Shop, Shop, Shop

Shop at all your favorite Indian stores and ship to your ForwardParcel address.

Forward Parcel

We receive all your purchases and store them safely until you are ready to receive them.

Ship and Save

Choose the shipping option that is best suited to you. We consolidate all your things and ship.

Happiness Delivered

You receive your purchases at your doorstep and you are in control every step of the way!

Bonus Features

  • Premium membership is the best value for most shoppers, and usually pays for itself in just two shipments!
  • Having difficulty buying from an Indian store? Our Assisted Purchase will make the purchase for you!
  • Monitor your shipment’s progress as soon as it leaves our facility with real-time tracking information on your desktop or mobile.
  • Get your packages delivered anywhere in the world. We deliver to over 220 countries!

Shipping Calculator

Checkout the international shipping prices using our shipping calculator