international shipping from India during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic had major ramifications on the global economy and no industry has been left unaffected by it. The shipping industry, in particular, was hugely impacted because of travel restrictions and the physical distancing regulations in place. The issue exacerbated during the initial days of the pandemic when quarantined people around the world went on an online shopping spree! As we speak, parcels are still being delayed because of the rush, and people opting for overseas shipping are ending up paying exorbitant shipping charges too.

Want to purchase something from India during this pandemic but not patient enough to wait for weeks for the seller to ship it to your country? Forward Parcel’s package forwarding services are what you need right now.


Benefits of Choosing Forward Parcel

If you love Indian spices, ethnic wear, or accessories, you no longer will have to fly down to the country for them or shell out a lot of bucks as shipping charges. Get them delivered to your doorstep at a reduced shipping cost with Forward Parcel. It will help you get an Indian address where you can get everything you want to be delivered to you. Then, the professionals will get all your packages and ship them over to you! Once your order reaches their facility, they deliver the same within 5-7 days.

Forward Parcel’s offerings can be extremely handy during this pandemic. Earlier you could always venture out in search of specialty stores selling Indian items. But things have changed now and it’s safer to stay at home as much as possible to avoid contracting the virus. In such a scenario, doorstep deliveries can prove to be God-sent! You can enjoy everything you love, right at home from any authentic Indian online store without having to gamble on your safety from the virus.


Forward Parcel - Big Box Shopping


No longer will you have to curb your cravings for all things Indian during this COVID-19 pandemic! With Forward Parcel, you can consolidate all your packages into a single order. This means big savings and less direct contact with delivery personnel. In addition to this, you can also track your order at every step of the way, a feature that can prove to be exceptionally useful during such unprecedented times. You won’t be left confused over whether your package will even come to you or not!

At Forward Parcel, we are taking all necessary steps to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus. We are walking the extra mile and following existing Indian protocols to ensure that your packages stay safe and reach you on time. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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