Assisted Purchase Plans In India

What is Assisted Purchase? And why do you need it, while shopping from India with International Shipping?

Want to update your wardrobe for the summers with cool Indo-Western outfits but can’t shop from Indian websites from overseas? Don’t let this dampen your spirits! Just use our Assisted Purchase feature to shop from your favorite Indian online marketplaces instead.

Quite a few Indian online stores don’t accept foreign credit cards and your other payment methods. Some simply don’t deliver abroad, demand that you have a local mobile number, or have business websites in languages that you can’t read. This can be frustrating, but our Assisted Purchase feature lets you navigate through such obstacles in no time at all.


What’s Assisted Purchase? 

Simply put, our experts act as your assistants and shop on your behalf if you want to satiate your craving for Indian goods and culture. Just let us know what you want to bring home, and we will place an order for you.

Assisted Shopping Process

All you need to do is to register on Forward Parcel and fill out a simple form in our ‘Assisted Purchase’ section.You will be asked to provide details such as the name of the site, URL, the name of the item, color, and size preferences, quantity and the price of the items. Once you prepay for the order on our website, your ‘Assisted Purchase’ order will be successfully placed.

Assisted Shopping Pricing Plans

The cost of our Assisted Purchase Service is INR 296 + 4% of the Total Goods Purchase Cost.

No fees if order is cancelled by the vendor (for example if product is not available). No risk to you. If we don’t receive products from the vendor you will get a refund.

How Assisted Purchase Works In India

After receiving your form, we will check the product availability and place the order on your behalf. You will be notified every step of the way. Do note that you will receive a refund if the vendor cancels the order or if the products run out of stock.


As you may be aware, the price of products may change in the course of a few days. We will get back to you if there are discrepancies regarding the price or the details presented by you and on the vendor’s website. After all of this is cleared up, we will use your deposit money to place the order. Create your Premium Account & start your Assisted Purchase with  Forward Parcel. We help you purchase anything either it’s available online or offline. That’s not all, we help you save 80% on your shipping costs compared to ordinary international courier.

Shipping Calculator

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