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Are you an Indian American with a strong desire for a shopping spree from Indian shopping portals like Flipkart or Amazon but a sense of yearning engulfs because of the geographical location and ship to the USA becomes a challenge for you to accomplish the desire? 

You are not alone.  There is a huge demand for ethnic Indian products in America as so many Indians are residing there. The exorbitant shipment charges and cumbersome regulations deter potential buyers and you might be one among them.

With proper knowledge about charges and reliable support, you can continue enjoying your Indian shopping experience seamlessly.  Even if you lack the necessary knowledge, there’s no room for panic. Forward Parcel can serve as an intermediary to shop from India and ship to the USA, ensuring your shipping from India to the USA reaches you safely.  Their expertise not only eliminates the need for intricate processes but also guarantees the safe delivery of all your purchases to your doorstep while saving up to 80% on shipping charges.

This step-by-step guide is meticulously crafted to steer you through the process, guaranteeing the safe delivery of your purchases right to your doorstep. Forward Parcel ensures that your ship to the USA reaches your doorstep safely. 

What is Forward Parcel?

Forward Parcel is a revolutionary concept that links international shoppers to online shopping in India.    It enables international shipping to take care of tedious rules and regulations to comply with.  As a trusted intermediary, Forward Parcel substantially reduces the cost of international shipping charges by allowing users to pool their purchases in their warehouses.  It will be sent to the user when he finishes his purchases and all the items will be packed in a single Parcel reducing the cost.  

This service becomes a blessing for those Indians working abroad who want to buy Indian items they use regularly.  Forward Parcel eliminates the complexities associated with international shipping, customs, and payments.  Through Forward Parcels, shipping to the USA becomes more convenient, cost-effective, and hassle-free.  

Why choose Forward Parcel? 

Assisted purchase

Forward Parcel helps individuals who encounter problems in payment while trying to pay vendors directly.  It happens when there is an issue with language barriers, currency limitations, or payment methods that the vendor does not have.  Forward Parcel acts as an intermediary and helps complete the transactions by making the payment with the vendor.  This assisted purchase helps to create a broader range of products to purchase barring technological or regional restrictions.

Wide network

Forward Parcel has partnered with more than 1000 Indian shopping websites like AJIO, NYKAA, AMAZON, FLIPKART, FABINDIA MAX, SNAPDEAL TATA CLIQ, etc. This vast network allows you to explore a diverse variety of products from households to electronic equipment.  Whether you are trying for Indian clothes online or want to recreate an Indian festival in the USA, you can do it easily using the vast network of Forward Parcels. 

Big Cost Savings

The biggest advantage of using a Forward Parcel is its potential to reduce your Parcel shipping charges.  Individuals can streamline high shipping costs and custom fees as the purchases are pooled and sent to you as a single Parcel.

Excellent customer support

Online purchases beyond your existing geographical borders can sometimes create unexpected challenges and your location poses a great challenge to solve it.  With  Forward Parcel on your side, you will be getting complete surveillance and assistance.  They provide a dedicated customer support team to contact and they help you swiftly before it escalates.  

Whether it’s navigating customs, tracking shipments, or addressing your queries, our vigilant customer support team is always on standby and nothing will spoil your shopping experience.

Multiple payment options

You have a variety of payment options to suit your preferences.

Prompt Door Delivery: 

Normally shipment to the USA will be received in 5 to 7 days.  It will be delivered straight to your doorsteps ensuring convenience and peace of mind. Rest assured your Parcel will be handled with extreme care and delivered promptly.

Items You Cannot Send to the USA:

Certain items, including hazardous materials, perishable goods, and certain consumer items, are prohibited or restricted from being shipped to the USA.  It is very important to familiarize yourself with the list of banned items before making a purchase.  

Forward Parcel will assist you in understanding the regulations and the list of goods and commodities you should avoid.  Moreover, our dedicated team is sure to help you ensure that your shipments comply with all necessary regulations for a hassle-free delivery process. Be sure to check the regulations before shipping.

Who Can Benefit from Our Services

Long-distance hikers, cross-country travelers, and frequent India visitors:

People who love traveling and travel to a lot of countries can benefit from Forward Parcel.  As they transverse different locations, they can easily pool their purchases to their virtual Indian address provided by the Forward Parcel and when they finish their traveling, Forward Parcel will deliver their purchases to their shipping address

Contract workers who frequently change their address: 

Contract workers mainly work on short-term assignments or projects and frequently change their locations.  For them managing their deliveries is very difficult.  So, Forward Parcel provides a reliable solution that ensures their Parcels reach them promptly at their current location.

Indians working in the USA:

Lots of Indians work in the USA.  They face difficulty in accessing Indian brands.  Forward Parcel provides them with seamless access to Indian goods and services while they are in America.  

Shipping Cost Calculator

Ship to USA  starts as low with Forward Parcel. Click the link below to understand the Shipping charges from India to the USA through Forward Parcel.

Wrapping up:

With Forward Parcel as your intermediary, shopping becomes a delightful experience, and shipping them becomes easier and more enjoyable. Visit our website today to learn more about cost-saving opportunities and gain access to a plethora of Indian platforms. Furthermore, Forward Parcel ensures that users never miss out on Indian products unavailable in the USA or those available at a high cost. By reducing international shipping costs, users can take advantage of currency conversion benefits for their purchases.

Shipping Calculator

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