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Chargeable weight will be the greater of volumetric weight or gross weight

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Save up to 80% on shipping with Forward Parcel!

Weight: 1 KG
Delivery Fee: ₹2000
Weight: 4 KG
Delivery Fee: ₹6800
Weight: 5 KG
Delivery Fee: ₹6300

Shipping From Global E-Commerce Sites

Total ₹15100


Weight: 10 KG
Delivery Fee: ₹6877

Consolidated shipping with Forward Parcel

Total ₹6877

55% less than shipping directly!

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(*Any carriage costs incurred by us to return the item to the vendor will be passed on to the customer.)

Standard Membership


always :)

  • FREE Indian Address
  • 3 photos of each package
  • Storage up to 30 days
  • Shipment tracking and management
  • Customs Declaration paperwork
  • Consolidation ₹500 per one shipping order

  • Detailed photo service ₹500

  • Returns processing ₹100 per item

  • Extended Storage ₹100 per product per day

Premium Membership

Premium Membership


per annum

  • Discounted International Shipping Prices
  • FREE Indian Address
  • 10 photos of each package
  • Storage upto 60 days
  • Shipment tracking and management
  • Customs Declaration paperwork
  • FREE Consolidation
  • FREE Detailed photo service
  • FREE returns processing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Faster processing of orders
  • Extended Storage ₹100 per product per day

Why Choose Us

Make the best of your shopping experience with Forward Parcel!
Hassle free shipping from your favourite stores in India at Indian rates.

Assisted Purchase

You can have us buy from online Indian stores on your behalf when the vendor does not accept your payment method.

Choice of Shipper

You can now choose from multiple shipper options including DHL, FEDEX, UPS, etc. You can also choose to ship on your own.

Global Delivery

No matter which part of the world you are from, we will get your order delivered to your doorstep.

What Our Clients Say

Dave Garred
Dave Garred
26 March 2024
Cannot say enough about this company. So glad it exists. I have used them many times and will continue to.
ganesh patil
ganesh patil
20 March 2024
Forward parcel service is excellent service. we regularly order items through forward parcel . Ravi and their team is wonderful . They are doing amazing job👏👌🏼really appriceate it👌🏼we almost brought half of India to Uk 😆 through their excellent service.we highly recomend to everyone….give it a go 😊will never be disappointed from their service.we are glad to be part of their family(forward parcel service)🙏🙏😊always grateful to their service.Thank you😊
Saswata Basak
Saswata Basak
19 March 2024
Excellent service and communication. I have used this parcel forwarding company 3 times now and very happy with it. They were prompt in answering all my queries and super quick in consolidating all the packets and sending through internationally. Highly recommended. 5 stars!
Arifa Khizer
Arifa Khizer
17 March 2024
Excellent and fast service
National Decisive Solutions
National Decisive Solutions
15 March 2024
Great service and timely delivery
Daran Clarke
Daran Clarke
5 March 2024
Fast and trustworthy, highly recommended!
David Degen
David Degen
27 February 2024
Excellent job 👍
Kevin Shekar
Kevin Shekar
20 February 2024
Very efficient customer service for my past 3 yrs of dealing with forward parcel..speedy response for queries asked. Highly recommended.
Joyce Refuerzo
Joyce Refuerzo
17 February 2024
Items are all well-packed, Very fast and very responsive! keep it up! thankyouu did not disappoint