Assisted Purchase? What’s that?

You want to shop from Indian online stores but you are finding it to be a hassle? Some websites do not accept your payment cards and some need you to have an Indian mobile number to send OTPs.

Use our ‘Assisted Service’ for a hassle-free shopping experience from India. We can shop for you if you have trouble ordering online. Just let us know what products you want to purchase and add the required deposit to your Forward Parcel account, and we will purchase the items for you.

How does the process work?

Tell Us What Items You Wish To Purchase.

After you login, just fill in a simple form with details of the items you wish to purchase from Indian online stores. You will need to find the final price including shipping to our warehouse.

Find Out The Shipping Cost

You can find the total cost by adding your selected items into the shopping cart of the vendor website, go to checkout, enter your Forward Parcel address in the shipping address field – this will give you the total cost.

We Check The Availability And Buy It For You.

We will check the availability of the products based on the details you give us. We will then notify you the total price including our fees. We will use the money in your ForwardParcel deposit for the purchase.

Why will I need Assisted Purchase to shop in India?

  • Some Indian online stores do not accept International credit/debit cards.
  • Some online vendors won’t let you register on their sites without a local mobile number to access the OTP (One Time Password)
  • Some shopping sites might block your home country’s IP address.
  • Some online retailers let you make purchases only with a valid Indian billing address.

We come to your rescue when you face any of the above situations…we are the super heroes without the capes

How much does Assisted Purchase cost?

The cost of our Assisted Purchase Service is INR 296 + 4% of the Total Goods Purchase Cost.
For example:
Total Goods Purchase Cost is INR 1500
Assisted Purchase Service Charge will be INR 296 + INR 60 (4% of 1500) = *INR 356
* Price shown above is excluding of IGST.

No fees if order is cancelled by the vendor (for example if product is not available). No risk to you. If we don’t receive products from the vendor you will get a refund.