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Chargeable weight will be the greater of volumetric weight or gross weight

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Calculator Image Weight 1 KG
Delivery Fee INR 2000
Calculator Image Weight 4 KG
Delivery Fee INR 6800
Calculator Image Weight 5 KG
Delivery Fee INR 6300

Shipping From Global E-Commerce Sites

Total INR 15100

Calculator Image
Weight 10 KG
Delivery Fee INR 6877

Consolidated shipping with Forward Parcel

Total INR 6877

55% less than shipping directly!

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Whether you're an occasional shopper or a shopaholic, we've got you covered. Choose a membership plan that suits your needs and let's get shopping.(*Any carriage costs incurred by us to return the item to the vendor will be passed on to the customer.)

  Standard Membership (FREE) Premium Membership (INR 6000/yr)
Your own Indian Address Yes Yes
3 photos of each package Yes Yes
Save up to 80% on shipping Yes Yes
Storage up to 30 days Yes Yes
Shipment tracking and management Yes Yes
Customs Declaration paperwork Yes Yes
Consolidation No Yes
Detailed photo service No Yes
Returns* No Yes
Extended Storage No Yes
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Hassle free shipping from your favourite stores in India at Indian rates.

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Assisted Purchase

Options for alternate payment via Forward Parcel wallet and assistance from our team on your shopping needs.

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Pick Up Service

Have us pick up anything you require to be delivered with your shopping packages from anywhere in India.

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Global Delivery

No matter which part of the world you are from, we will get your order delivered to your doorstep.


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