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In today’s interconnected world, the concept of online shopping has transcended borders and boundaries. With the ease of e-commerce, you can explore and purchase products from virtually anywhere on the planet. However, when it comes to buying from India, international shoppers often encounter various challenges such as shipping restrictions, high shipping costs, and payment hurdles. This is where the role of a parcel forwarding service becomes indispensable.

Forward Parcel Service

What is Parcel Forwarding Service?

A parcel forwarding service acts as a bridge between international shoppers and their desired products from India. It’s a logistical solution that enables shoppers to overcome the barriers of global shipping. Here’s how it works:

  • Virtual Address: Upon signing up with a parcel forwarding company like Forward Parcel, you are assigned a virtual address in India. This becomes your local address for shipping purposes.
  • Buying from Indian Retailers: Shop online from Indian retailers just like a local customer. When it’s time to enter the shipping address, use the provided virtual address.
  • Package Reception: Once your purchases reach the parcel forwarding company’s warehouse, they inspect and consolidate the items if necessary.
  • Global Shipping: You choose the international shipping method that suits your preferences and budget. The parcel forwarding company ships the consolidated package to your actual address.

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Why is Parcel Forwarding Service Required?

  • Access to Indian Market: India offers a diverse range of products, from traditional handicrafts to cutting-edge technology. Parcel forwarding enables international customers to tap into this vibrant market.
  • Overcoming Shipping Challenges: Some Indian retailers might not offer international shipping or might have high shipping costs. Parcel forwarding provides a cost-effective solution.
  • Consolidation and Savings: With parcel consolidation, you can bundle multiple purchases into a single shipment, reducing shipping costs significantly.
  • Payment Convenience: Parcel forwarding services often offer flexible payment options, making it easier for international shoppers to pay for their purchases.

How to Buy from India using Parcel Forwarding:

  1. Sign Up: Register with a trusted parcel forwarding service like Forward Parcel to receive a virtual address.
  2. Shop Online: Explore your favorite Indian online stores and add items to your cart. At checkout, enter your virtual address.
  3. Notify the Forwarder: After making a purchase, notify your parcel forwarding company to expect an incoming package.
  4. Package Reception: Once your packages arrive at the forwarding company’s warehouse, they’ll notify you and provide details.
  5. Consolidation and Shipping: Choose the consolidation option if you have multiple packages. Select a shipping method and make the payment.
  6. Delivery: Your package will be shipped to your international address. You can track its journey and anticipate its arrival.

Forward Parcel: Your Global Shopping Partner

At Forward Parcel, we specialize in making your global shopping experience from India seamless and hassle-free. With our user-friendly platform, you gain access to a plethora of Indian retailers and products. Our efficient parcel forwarding services ensure that your purchases reach your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world. Say goodbye to shipping woes and hello to a new era of international shopping convenience.

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