So, what if you stay overseas? You’re still Indian by your heart! Well, to evoke your nostalgia, we have a surprise for you. The festivals are knocking on the door, and it’s time to be the most vibrant on this special day. Celebrate this Holi and Gudi Padwa by grabbing your favourite top brands at discounted prices from India’s leading website Amazon.


Make a splash this Holi or any other festival by enjoying special offers from one of the best shopping websites in India. Amazon India brings you some special discount coupons to shop for Holi colours, gifts, and everything else you want. Avail of the best Indian quality colours, water balloons, sweets, traditional clothes, pichkaris online from Amazon India.

Why Amazon?


Being the E-commerce giant, Amazon is well-respected for its professionalism and super-fast delivery. You got 100% trust in the Amazon site, but it hurts your heart that only a few will ship Internationally. Worry not, there is a solution to get your items. Get the latest launches with Forward parcel shipping services.

Problems NRI’s face while shopping Indian products internationally for USA or UK

 1.  Shipment & international shipping cost

Many of the Indian brands available on Amazon don’t have international shipping options from India to USA or UK. So, to get their products, they wait for someone visiting their place from India.

 2.  Availability 

Many immigrants don’t get the product they desire because it is not available in the country they are located in.

3.  Local vibe

Talking or thinking about Indian things evokes nostalgia for NRIs, as they start missing that small gallis, desi thellas, mithaai shops, thekkas and what not.

4.  Taste & essence

Like every Indian, NRI’s crave freshly cooked food, but the frozen touch does drive to bridge the gap between the two extremes of alien food and home-cooked meals. No matter how big the brand is, frozen meals won’t give the essence and taste of Indian cuisine.

If you want to shop from Amazon as a customer from USA, UK or Singapore, you may face many challenges, just as our customers did. They wanted to purchase some items from Amazon but couldn’t do so. Because they did not have an Indian address to place the order, Amazon did not accept it. But we got it sorted for them!

amazon parcel

So, leave your worries on us!

With our amazon shipping services, you don’t have to break a sweat anymore! All you have to do is contact Forward parcel,  and we’re here with the affordable shipping rates that you can ever find in India. We enable you to go on a shopping binge online and ship your packages internationally without burning a hole through your pockets.

How to Shop Your Favorites from India and get the shipping world wide?

Get Forward parcel Address

Sign up with Forward Parcel and get your own FREE virtual shipping address.

Shop From online or other Indian stores

Shop your favourite products from any Indian online or offline store and send your purchases to our new Forward Parcel virtual shipping address.

Receive Packages

We receive your packages, send you notifications, including pictures, and store them in our secure warehouse for up to 30 days to give you ample time to finish your shopping.

Unbox Your Package

We will then combine all your items into a single parcel and prepare the customs paperwork. We’ll dispatch your shipment and send you the tracking details. It will reach you safely within 5-7 working days, anywhere in the World!

The Takeaway

With the help of Forward Parcel, you can be in any part of the world and still have access to ethnic Indian fashion. So, next time you have an Indian function, panic about having nothing to wear. Take your pick from any one of these sites and find your perfect saree!

How will Forward Parcel help you in shipping worldwide from India?

We offer parcel forwarding services and package consolidation services from India to other countries worldwide.

Forward Parcel uses reputed couriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and similar couriers based on service availability. Our services enable online shopping from India and shipping to the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, etc., with a streamlined set of services & ease that you’ve never known before. You can shop around in Indian stores as much as you want; we’re here to take it from there.

Our supply chain team will quickly and reliably provide you with the necessary information to manage your tight Amazon shipping schedules with better communication and transparency.

Our services enable us to ship internationally from India with a streamlined set of services & ease that you’ve never known before. You can shop around in Indian stores as much as you want; we’re here to take it from there.

So, what are you waiting for?

When you know how to ship internationally from India, shop your favourites and get them shipped to your destination overseas!

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