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India is a multicultural country where the festivals are enjoyed and celebrated grandly. If you are an Indian staying abroad away from their nation, you might miss getting various puja items at the superior festivals and carved them from India. One of our customers faced this exact difficulty while getting some traditional puja items abroad. However, Forward Parcel helped them get all the puja items from India in just a few clicks and days!

Check below to know how a person sitting Abroad got various puja items from India with us.

 1.  Anika Herbal Mata Ka Shringaar Deviji Shringar Puja Kit, Small Box with Essentials

Anika Herbal Mata Ka Shringaar Puja Items

If you want to buy a full kit of items required for adorning Goddesses, you can buy it from Amazon now, for just Rs. 90, with a massive 55% off its MRP of Rs 199. This kit will get 12 items like bindi, oil, rubber band, kajal, vermilion, henna, hair comb, and a mirror.

2.  Om Shanthi POOJA MADE PURE, Om Shanthi Wax Free Pure Cow Ghee Diya

 Om Shanthi Puja Items MADE PURE

If you want to light a lamp made of pure cow ghee at home, Om Shanthi Pooja Pure Cow Ghee Diya is available for just Rs. 299 on Amazon. The box contains 100 ready-to-light diyas.

 3.  Reliable Velvet Puja Altar Cloth Aasan


Get a compact and beautiful asana, also known as a sitting stool, for your home temple on Amazon. It was initially priced at Rs. 299, but now it is on sale for Rs. 199, with a huge 33 percent off. This stool is made of red velvet cloth, considered auspicious in the Hindu faith, and has a size of 12 x 18 inches.

 4.  Skywalk Handmade Brass Puja Thali: Flower Embossed Design

Skywalk Handmade Brass Puja Thali

We all know brass utensils have special significance in the Hindu faith. A Puja Thali is made of pure brass, and you can find it now available on Amazon for just Rs. 345. The initial price was Rs. 499, and it is on sale on Amazon with 31% off. This is a beautiful handmade brass plate with a beautiful floral design.

 5.  Rolimoli Pure Brass Special Puja Thali: Set of 9 Items

Rolimoli Pure Brass Special Puja Thali

If you are planning to buy a puja thali set before any special festival, this deal would be a piece of good news for you. You can get Rolimoli’s Pure Brass Special Puja Thali set on Amazon for just Rs. 739. The actual price is Rs. 999, but you can buy it at an incredible 26% off in this Pre-Diwali sale. In this brass plate set, you would have a bowl, a glass, a spoon, a lamp, a bell, an incense stick stand, Mauli and vermillion.

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