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Many baby products use harmful chemicals and artificial fibers in this fast-growing world. Everyone wants to protect their kids from these dangerous things, and India offers an organic solution to these problems.

The clothes and food items made in India are manufactured under strict guidelines maintaining proper care. 

The apparel quality is top-notch, and the food items are all organic, which causes no harm. Most of all, baby products from India carry the essence and feeling of love from India, and that is why this category is in high demand by our customers worldwide.

Here is the list of the top trending products we ship from India.

 1.  Himalaya Baby Product

himalaya baby care

Himalaya is the first trendy brand for baby products in India. Himalaya baby products are crafted keeping the needs and conditions of India, and they manufacture natural and functional products like soaps or lotions. 

 2.  MamaEarth

MamaEarth baby care

MamaEarth caters to millennials by offering 100% fresh, toxin-free, world-class skin care, hair care, and infant care products. They have everything under one roof, from baby formula to baby care to baby accessories. Cleansers, massage oil, soap, mosquito roll-on, toothpastes, shampoo, baby wipes, lotion, and other items are included in the collection.

MamaEarth offers an eclectic variety of childcare items based on cutting-edge science. They are intended to make both mommy’s and baby’s lives healthier and more beautiful.

 3.  Patanjali baby products 

Patanjali baby products 

Patanjali is India’s homegrown firm that is very popular among Indian parents and Indian consumers. Patanjali was started by Baba Ramdev, a very famous Yoga Guru who has extensive knowledge about Ayurveda. The manufactured products are claimed to be completely natural, and they have zero extracts of chemicals or any adulterated substance.Patanjali baby products are in huge demand these days. If we talk about a company that India can trust and is purely Made In India, that has to be Patanjali. They manufacture every product that you can use for your baby and yourself. You can keep your baby very close to a healthy lifestyle with unique Patanjali baby care products, from consumables and accessories to food items.

Patanjali baby products kit contains consumable products like Patanjali ayurvedic oil for infants, powders, herbal soaps, herbal shampoos, lotions, creams, baby wipes, Patanjali baby diapers, etc.

 4.  Mee Mee

Mee Mee baby care

Mee Mee is also a very well-known brand name in baby care products. They have a huge range of bathtime products for babies and kids like shampoo hats, bubble baths, napkins, potty trainer seats, baby towels, bath sponges, baby bathtubs, and Baby Wipes bathrobe. Their bedtime range has blankets, carry nest, bed sets, mats, quilts, mosquito nets, pillows, shawl, and quilts. 

 5.  Pigeon

Pigeon baby care

Pigeon brand for baby and mother care products is famous worldwide and is now also available in India. They have a nursing range like bottles, nipples, and other accessories. Their skincare range for babies is a baby wash, diaper rash cream, shampoo, etc. you can also find baby’s grooming accessories and healthcare products like toothbrushes, pacifiers, toothpaste, comb, brush, nail clipper, teethers, digital thermometer, diaper, laundry, tissues, and baby wipes of this brand.

How will Forward Parcel help you to ship internationally from India?

People living away from India need not fret about the Indian baby care products as Forward Parcel guarantees you that you will receive your goods on time. We have resumed our international shipping services from India while following all the covid precautions issued by the government. Our supply chain team will quickly and reliably provide you with the necessary information to manage your tight Amazon shipping schedules with better communication and transparency.

We Accept the following Items by International Courier:

  • Sweets, Snacks
  • Pickles, Sambar & Rasam Powder
  • Spicy Masala, Pulses, Spices, Savories
  • Jaggery, Tamarind
  • Masala Pastes, Condiments, Pooja Items
  • Homemade food products.
  • Furniture, Furnishing Clothes, Woolen Items
  • Indian Sarees, traditional Dress Materials, all sorts of garments
  • Corporate Indian Gifts
  • All kinds of Indian household goods 

Forward Parcel uses reputed couriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and similar couriers based on service availability. Our services enable us to ship internationally from India with a streamlined set of services & ease that you’ve never known before. You can shop around in Indian stores as much as you want; we’re here to take it from there.

How to Shop Your Favorites from India?

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We receive your packages, send you notifications, including pictures, and store them in our secure warehouse for up to 30 days to give you ample time to finish your shopping.

Step 4: Unbox Your Package

We will then combine all your items into a single parcel and prepare the customs paperwork. We’ll dispatch your shipment and send you the tracking details. It will reach you safely within 5-7 working days, anywhere in the World!

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