Living away from India as an NRI or anyone who loves Indian products can be bittersweet. While the experience of exploring new cultures and horizons is enriching, there’s often a longing for the familiar comforts of home. Thankfully, in this age of global connectivity, acquiring your favorite Indian items is easier than ever. At Forward Parcel, we understand the sentimental value of these products, and we’ve curated a list of 10 famous Indian items that NRIs can buy from India to satisfy their cravings for a taste of home.

 1.  Authentic Indian Spices and Masalas:

Authentic Indian Spices and Masalas

Nothing transports you back to your roots quite like the aroma and taste of traditional Indian spices and masalas. From fragrant garam masala to fiery red chili powder, relish the rich flavors of India in your culinary creations.

 2.  Exquisite Indian Clothing:

Indian Clothes

For special occasions or even daily wear, Indian clothing like sarees, salwar kameez, and dhotis showcase the country’s diverse and vibrant culture. Embrace the elegance and grace of Indian fashion from afar.

3.  Handcrafted Indian Jewelry:

Handcrafted Indian Jewelry

Adorn yourself with the intricate beauty of Indian jewelry. From delicate silver jhumkas to ornate gold necklaces, these timeless pieces will add a touch of Indian allure to any outfit.

 4.  Ayurvedic Wellness Products:


Experience the ancient healing traditions of Ayurveda with a wide range of wellness products such as herbal oils, organic skincare, and rejuvenating herbal supplements.

 5.  Artisanal Indian Handicrafts:

Artisanal Indian Handicrafts

Enliven your living space with the artistic craftsmanship of India. Decorate your home with handwoven carpets, colorful paintings, and intricately carved wooden artifacts.

 6.  Enticing Indian Sweets and Snacks:

Enticing Indian Sweets and Snacks

Indulge your taste buds with the sweetness of Indian delicacies like rasgulla, gulab jamun, and the savory crunch of murukku or bhujia.

7.  Indian Tea and Spiced Beverages:

Indian Tea and Spiced Beverages

Savor the traditional flavors of Indian tea blends like masala chai or the refreshing taste of aam panna, perfect for beating the summer heat.

 8.  Popular Indian Books and Music:

Popular Indian Books and Music

Immerse yourself in the literary world of India with classic novels or discover the soulful melodies of Indian classical or Bollywood music.

 9.  Traditional Indian Art and Crafts Supplies:

handmade fabrics

For the creatively inclined, source materials like henna cones, handmade paper, and fabrics to explore Indian art forms in your own creations.

10.  Medicinal Herbs and Remedies:

Medicinal Herbs and Remedies

Reap the benefits of India’s herbal heritage by getting authentic medicinal herbs and remedies, known for their natural healing properties.


Distance may keep NRIs and those away from India physically apart from their beloved homeland, but it doesn’t have to mean being disconnected from Indian culture and products. Thanks to services like Forward Parcel, obtaining these 10 famous Indian items has become a seamless process. Indulge in the essence of India by surrounding yourself with its flavors, traditions, and craftsmanship, all of which can now reach your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world. Embrace your love for Indian products and relish the connection they bring to your heart and soul.

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