Winter wear

Winter demands extra care for your health. Your immune system might be hampered by low temperatures, which also impact your skin and bones and cause undesirable illnesses! Even though these are unpredictable, getting some necessary precautions can help us in the long term. Grab a nice cup of coffee and continue reading to learn more about these things that you can shop from India and ship worldwide this winter season

1) Kashmiri Kahwa 

Kashmiri Kahwa 

Kashmir’s national beverage is Kashmiri Kahwa tea. It combines a delicious flavor with advantages to your health. It benefits the skin, helps with digestion, functions as a natural energy drink, lowers stress levels, and boosts the immune system. This product is something you can try leaving overseas!

2) Virgin cold-pressed coconut oils

Virgin cold-pressed coconut oils

Virgin cold-pressed coconut oils are excellent for both skincare and cookery. These oils are made without the use of chemicals or heat, preserving all of the oil’s health advantages. Our skin and hair need the vitamins K and E found in coconut oil to remain healthy. This oil therapy regime is something you can only find in India

3) Lotus Herbal White Glow And Brightening Hand And Body Lotion

Lotus Herbal White Glow And Brightening Hand And Body Lotion

This is the ideal body lotion for winter because of its exceptionally thick viscosity. It also includes SPF 25, making it a lotion and sunscreen in one. Regular application results in an even tone and little whitening impact on the skin. Although this body lotion has excellent and all-day moisturizing properties. Both men and women can use this because it is sulfate-free and Paraben-free. Grapefruit, green tea, and licorice are the three main components of this lotion.

4) VLCC Liquorice cold cream

VLCC Liquorice cold cream

With soothing ingredients including jojoba oil, olive oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, saffron, grape seed extracts, licorice extracts, and rose petals, this fragrant cold cream from VLCC revitalizes your flaky, dry skin. Additionally having fair skin, saffron and rose petals give skin a dazzling glow. The anti-freeze cream has an SPF of 10. Consequently, it can help stop sunburn. You should use this moisturizer during the winter. It costs Rs. 110 for 50 ml. So, why spend so much money buying products abroad when you can just invest in items in Indian rupees?

5) FabSeasons Acrylic warm Woolen Winter Gloves

Woolen Winter Gloves

In the cold, gloves are a necessity. They not only keep your hands warm and comfy but also fashionable. Your best purchase for the winter will be these knitted hand gloves. It goes nicely with many different types of fashion and may be worn with dresses, overcoats, and sweaters. With these adorable winter pairs of gloves, you can look chic while still being completely comfortable.

6) Khajoor sweaters

Khajoor sweaters

A market need in knitwear is being identified by young designers, who are filling it with fascinating new products. Created in-house this October, Khajoor’s Move debut Fall/Winter collection includes sweaters, cardigans, and crocheted hats handcrafted by Himachal Pradeshi artisans. Are you looking for simple designs with lovely earth tones? This collection fulfills its purpose!

7) Ortho massage Oil

Ortho massage Oil

A massage promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and aids in improving circulation. A combination of essential oils known as organic ortho massage is created specifically to treat sprains, muscular aches, and general physiological discomfort. Use this in the wintertime to enhance circulation and calm your muscles.

8) Vibrant winter collection

Winter wear

Color-blocked sweaters from House of Saloni Jain will add some color to your winter outfit. Through her eponymous brand, the young designer is bringing back Hand Flat Knitting, a classic industrial method, and technique solely known to Indian artisans.

9) Haldiram’s Pav Bhaji and Dal Makhani

Haldiram's Pav Bhaji and Dal Makhani

The traditional masala-flavored potato dish known as pav bhaji will instantly make your mouth water. Each bite of Haldiram’s Ready-To-Eat Pav Bhaji will satisfy your cravings. Whole Black Lentils are cooked in a gravy of fresh cream, butter, and flavorful, seasoned tomatoes to create the rich and opulent Dal Makhani. Even a routine dinner may become spectacular with Haldiram’s Dal Makhani!

So, leaving overseas you can still relish Indian taste with these food items.



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