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4 Must-try Desi food to internationally ship from India and Feel Like an Indian Local In the USA

When you settle in a foreign country, all your dreams come true, like getting degrees, jobs and a lifestyle that you have longed for. But even the high rise, wide-streets, wealthy paychecks, or perfect work-life balance, and nothing can’t match up to the little pleasures in your very own India.

Once you settle overseas, you are always vigilance for the ‘desh’ in ‘videsh’. Because nothing beats the taste of amma’s achar in the cool weather of an overseas country.

India is a beautiful country, eclectic in culture and flavors, and everywhere you go, you will taste various food items that are local to that place. But when you settle overseas, you miss the Indian food more, and also if you try any of the Indian dishes there, it tastes different plus it’s too expensive, right?

But what if we say now, you can get your favorite food items delivered to your doorsteps overseas at affordable rates! Isn’t this crazy??

The type of food items that can be shipped are as follow.

 1.  Chatpata Snacks, Namkeens or Munchies


You don’t always want a whole meal when you feel hungry, right? To curb your hunger pangs, namkeens are the best. If you live abroad, these namkeens can provide a welcome respite from the foreign flavours of local restaurant food. But these are pretty expensive to buy, so all you can do is get it shipped to your doorsteps at affordable prices through Forward parcel.

 2.  Delightful Indian Breakfast

Delightful Indian Breakfast

Poha, Upma, Parantha, Dosa etc., is a staple in every Indian home. These breakfast dishes are a sumptuous snack and a light lunch because it’s easy to digest and a great source of energy. You can get these items ready to cook, which makes your task easier and enjoy the feel of India from the streets of Washington.

 3.  Desi Indian Main Course

Desi Indian Main Course

Indian feasts are all about curries, vegetables, biryanis, and more fulfilling plates. When no one wants to cook a wholesome Indian meal, we can always opt for packaged ones and cook them within no time. There are a lot of Indian foods like MTR Bisibele Bhath, Gits Ready To Eat – Dal Makhani, MTR Vegetable Pulao, MTR Palak Paneer, MTR Sambar Rice, and so many delicious Indian authentic delicacies that are so tasty and healthy, and you can order all of them and get shipped from India to UK, USA, Maldives, etc.

4.  Indian Festive Sweets

Indian Festive Sweets

No celebrations could ever be completed without a dessert! Wearing Indian clothes, meeting a few Indian relatives, eating mandatory Maa ke haath ke Ladoos, Rosgulla, or Haldiram sonpapdi in a foreign country is not the same as celebrating a festival in India, right? Not the actual Indian vibe, but you can still get amused by the Indian festive sweets delivered from India to your country. You can choose your favourite sweets from any Indian online or local store and get them delivered to your place with Forward Parcel.

If you are looking for a safe way to shop for branded packaged food items from India, then Forward Parcel is the place for you.

How to ship internationally from India?

Get easy access to Indian shopping sites from anywhere globally with shipping rates as affordable as possible. Our supply chain squad will consistently provide you with the necessary information to manage your tight shipping schedules, better communication and transparency.

Step 1

Get Forward parcel Address

Sign up with Forward parcel and get your own FREE virtual Indian address

Step 2

Shop From any Indian online/offline stores

Shop your favourite products from any Indian online store and send your purchases to our new Virtual Indian address.

Step 3

Receive & Consolidate Packages

We receive your packages, send you notifications, including pictures, store them in our secure warehouse for up to 30 days to give you ample time to finish your shopping. We consolidate all your items into a single parcel and prepare the customs paperwork.

Step 4

Unbox Your Package

We’ll dispatch your shipment and send you the tracking details. It will reach you safely within 5-7 working days, anywhere in the World!

With Forward Parcel, you can save up to huge discounts on your next shipping to India. Our customers have access to our intensely discounted rates offered by several carrier partners. We gather discounted quotes for shipping from India to UK, USA, Maldives, so all you are supposed to do is select the one that finest suits your needs and pocket.

So, what are you waiting for?

When you know how to ship internationally from India, shop your favorite munchies and get them shipped to your destination overseas!

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