Problem NRIs Face While Shopping

Problem NRIs Face While Shopping from Indian Online Websites and How Forward Parcel Can Help

Online shopping has revolutionized the way we shop, offering convenience and access to a wide range of products. However, for non-resident Indians (NRIs) looking to shop from Indian online websites, there are certain challenges that can arise. In this blog post, we will explore the common problems faced by NRIs while shopping from Indian online websites and how Forward Parcel can provide a solution to these issues.

 1.  Limited International Shipping:

International Shipping

One of the major challenges faced by NRIs when shopping from Indian online websites is limited or no international shipping options. Many Indian e-commerce platforms only offer domestic shipping, which restricts NRIs from purchasing the products they desire. This can be frustrating, especially when they are unable to access items that are readily available to customers within India.

How Forward Parcel Helps:

Forward Parcel acts as a parcel forwarding service, bridging the gap between Indian online retailers and NRIs. By providing a virtual shipping address, Forward Parcel enables NRIs to shop from Indian online websites that do not offer international shipping. NRIs can have their purchases delivered to Forward Parcel’s warehouse in India, and the company will forward the parcels to their international address, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

 2.  Payment and Currency Conversion:

Payment and Currency Conversion

Another challenge for NRIs shopping from Indian online websites is the issue of payment and currency conversion. Most Indian websites primarily accept Indian payment methods and may not support international credit or debit cards. Additionally, NRIs often have to deal with currency conversion fees and unfavorable exchange rates, making the shopping experience less cost-effective.

How Forward Parcel Helps:

Forward Parcel offers a solution by providing a personal shopper service. NRIs can provide the details of the products they wish to purchase, and Forward Parcel’s team will make the purchase on their behalf using local payment methods. This eliminates the need for NRIs to have an Indian bank account or struggle with payment issues.

 3.  Returns and Customer Support:

Customer Support

Returns and customer support can be challenging for NRIs shopping from Indian online websites. In many cases, the return process is complex and costly, especially when shipping products back to India. Additionally, NRIs may face difficulties in reaching customer support due to time zone differences and language barriers.

How Forward Parcel Helps:

Forward Parcel streamlines the returns process by offering a consolidated returns service. If an NRI needs to return a product, they can have it shipped to Forward Parcel’s Indian warehouse, and the company will handle the return on their behalf. This saves NRIs the hassle and expense of shipping the item back to India themselves. Furthermore, Forward Parcel provides dedicated customer support, ensuring that NRIs receive prompt assistance in their preferred language.

 3.  High Shipping Costs:

High Shipping Costs

Shipping costs can be a significant deterrent for NRIs when shopping from Indian online websites. International shipping charges can be exorbitant, making the overall cost of the purchase much higher than expected. This can discourage NRIs from buying products from India, even if they are available at attractive prices.

How Forward Parcel Helps:

Forward Parcel offers cost-effective international shipping options. By leveraging their partnerships with logistics providers, they are able to negotiate lower shipping rates for their customers. NRIs can take advantage of these reduced rates, saving money on shipping costs and making their purchases more affordable.

 4.  Customs and Duties:

Customs and Duties

Navigating customs and duties can be a complicated and confusing process for NRIs shopping from Indian online websites. Depending on the destination country, NRIs may be required to pay additional customs fees and import duties on their purchases. This can lead to unexpected costs and delays in receiving the items.

How Forward Parcel Helps:

Forward Parcel provides transparent customs and duties information to NRIs. They assist in accurately declaring the value of the packages and provide guidance on the customs regulations of various countries. By having a clear understanding of potential customs fees in advance, NRIs can make informed decisions about their purchases and avoid surprises when their packages arrive.

 5.  Limited Product Range:

Limited Product Range

NRIs often find that certain products or brands they desire are not available or accessible through Indian online websites. This limited product range can be frustrating, especially when NRIs are looking for specific items that are popular or widely available in their resident country.

How Forward Parcel Helps:

Forward Parcel enables NRIs to overcome the limitation of product range by offering a personal shopping service. If NRIs are unable to find the desired product on Indian online websites, they can provide the details to Forward Parcel, and their dedicated team will source the product on their behalf. This allows NRIs to access a broader range of products and fulfill their shopping needs effectively.


NRIs face various challenges when shopping from Indian online websites, including limited international shipping, payment and currency conversion issues, and difficulties with returns and customer support. Forward Parcel addresses these challenges by providing a parcel forwarding service, personal shopper assistance, and streamlined returns processes. With Forward Parcel’s assistance, NRIs can enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience, gaining access to the products they desire from Indian online websites.


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