How To Buy Indian Food From India And Ship Internationally?

When you move to a foreign country, be it for work, studies or otherwise, the feeling of homesickness does set in at some point. If you are a hardcore Indian, it becomes challenging to curb your cravings. There is no replacement for Authentic Indian Food; because the Biriyani that you get in foreign countries tastes like tamarind rice! And the Butter Chicken tastes worse than reheated tomato soup with cold chicken.

You can find many frozen Indian foods out there, but nothing can beat freshly cooked desi meals.

Why is Indian food so popular in the world?

indian desi meal


So many things to enlist! But to start would be undoubted, the street food – spicy and full of flavors. Food like India cannot be found anywhere globally, and the taste and essence are unmatchable. We follow different cultures in different parts of India, which is why every NRI misses being here. Celebrating the local and cultural festivals in India is very different.

What if we say you can fulfill your cravings at your doorstep from India!

Now the question in your mind must be, how to ship internationally from India, right?

But, wait! Let’s dig a little more!

Difficulties NRI find in purchasing Indian food internationally

Frozen Meal

1.  Taste & essence

Like every Indian, NRI’s crave freshly cooked food, but the frozen touch does drive to bridge the gap between the two extremes of alien food and home-cooked meals. No matter how big the brand is, frozen meals won’t give the essence and taste of Indian cuisine.

2.  Expensive

These stores or restaurants charge a premium, but the price does not outweigh the pain and jeopardy of making things from scratch at home.

 3.  The local and cultural vibe

Talking or thinking about Indian things evokes nostalgia for NRIs, as they start missing that small gallis, desi thellas, mithaai shops, thekkas and what not. Well, if it’s a festival, India brings out the best for everyone. If you live in foreign countries, you know how difficult it is to find street food. The states are filled with high-standard cafe’s, restaurants, etc., which is why Indians miss that local and cultural vibe.

4.  Freshly cooked Indian cuisine

Of course, how can you not miss this! No matter even if you have an Indian meal at an Indian restaurant situated overseas, you’ll still miss that Desi tadka in it. This is a significant problem NRI’s face when living in the states or foreign countries. The spicy Indian food cannot be copied in any other country for the lack of ingredients, no matter how full-fledged the Indian grocery store in the city you live in is. The yummy street food, the tadkas and the tangy flavour are a few things we all crave.

How will Forward Parcel help you to ship internationally from India?

People living away from India need not fret about missing Indian food as Forward Parcel guarantees you that you receive your goods on time every time. We have resumed our international shipping services from India while following all the covid precautions issued by the government.

Our supply chain team will quickly and reliably provide you with the necessary information to manage your tight Amazon shipping schedules with better communication and transparency.

We Accept the following Items by International Courier:

  • Sweets, Snacks
  • Pickles, Sambar & Rasam Powder
  • Spicy Masala, Pulses, Spices, Savories
  • Jaggery, Tamarind
  • Masala Pastes, Condiments, Pooja Items
  • Homemade food products.
  • Furniture’s, Furnishing Clothes, Woolen Items
  • Indian Sarees, traditional Dress Materials, all sorts of garments
  • Corporate Indian Gifts
  • All kinds of Indian household goods

Forward Parcel uses reputed couriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and similar couriers based on service availability. Our services enable us to ship internationally from India with a streamlined set of services & ease that you’ve never known before. You can shop around in Indian stores as much as you want; we’re here to take it from there.

How to Shop Your Favorites from India?

1.  Get Forward parcel Address

Sign up with Forward parcel and get your own FREE virtual shipping address.

Shop From online or other Indian stores

Shop your favourite products from any Indian online or offline store and send your purchases to our new Forward Parcel virtual shipping address.

2.  Receive Packages

We receive your packages, send you notifications, including pictures, and store them in our secure warehouse for up to 30 days to give you ample time to finish your shopping.

3.  Unbox Your Package

We will then combine all your items into a single parcel and prepare the customs paperwork. We’ll dispatch your shipment and send you the tracking details. It will reach you safely within 5-7 working days, anywhere in the World!

So, what are you waiting for?

When you know how to ship internationally from India, shop your favourite munchies and get them shipped to your destination overseas!

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