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4 Types Of Shipment For Your International Delivery

Many people struggle with the question of what products can and cannot be delivered when sending goods abroad. Expanding your consumer base is a vital step when a firm is expanding. Many businesses begin locally, but if their product is successful, they will eventually expand globally. Your company’s potential is significantly increased through international shipping access to thousands of potential clients. Exporting and importing commodities internationally can be done by road, air, or sea. Moving freight across borders is a complex operation called international shipping, and numerous rules and regulations go along with it.

Businesses must be aware of and adhere to specific international shipping regulations when importing or exporting goods and gather the necessary documents to ensure customs clear the shipment. Since every nation has unique rules and legislation, international shipping is more complicated than domestic deliveries. Some countries have stronger regulations than others and outright prohibit the importation of specific goods. Things are a lot easier and more accessible with Forward Parcel. On the platform, we have a list of things that are not allowed to be transported worldwide. A person can more easily comprehend it as a result before placing an order. Let’s look at the many kinds of shipments that Forward Parcel offers to its esteemed clients.

Different Types Of Shipment For Shipping Internationally

  • Normal shipment
  • Special shipment
  • Medicine shipment
  • Electronic shipment

 1.  Normal shipment

grocery shopping

Under this shipment category, you can order ready-to-eat foods, books, kitchen supplies, accessories, fake jewelry, shoes, bags, and clothing. To estimate your costs, the shipping cost for these items is determined by the package’s volumetric weight or actual weight, whichever is more extensive.

Delivery of these items typically takes three to six days. The provision of this type of cargo is free of additional fees. However, the consolidation fees will go up if there are many packages.

 2.  Special Shipment

cosmatic shopping

You can transport liquid and semi-liquid goods using a particular shipment, including creams, lotions, gels, oils, cosmetics, and more. We typically estimate your shipping cost using either the volumetric weight or the actual weight of the shipment, depending on which is higher.

Typically, the shipment connects in 7–10 days and is delivered in 15–20 days. In the case of specific cargo, there will be liquid clearance fees and shipping costs.

 3.  Medicine shipment

medicine shipping

This package contains both allopathic and ayurvedic medications (only tablets). International shipping is the only option for homeopathic medicines. In order to estimate your shipping costs, we often take into account both the volumetric weight and the shipment’s actual weight.

The delivery of the medicine package takes 7–10 days.

 4.  Electronic shipment

Electronics shopping

You can ship Bluetooth devices, headphones, mobile phones, and other electronic items. We typically estimate your shipping cost using either the volumetric weight or the actual weight of the shipment, depending on which is higher. The average delivery time for electronic shipments is 7–10 days.

Trust us, and we strategize around your needs!

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