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Browse through various Indian eCommerce stores, shop whatever you like and ship your purchases internationally quickly with our dedicated shipping services.

How Forward Parcel works for international shipping from India eCommerce?

If you’re shopping from Indian Online portals, it means getting access to the best & price–optimized goods. The eCommerce business is the fastest-growing market worldwide because of its large consumer base and the increase in the internet penetration rate. Being in this industry for years, we set international standards to meet the Global Shipping requirements through innovative technology, making it convenient for anyone to use, be it an SME or an enterprise.

Free Address (small)

Free Shipping Address

We provide a FREE shipping address, where all your packages might receive, and all you or your customers have to do is collect.

Shop Online (small)

Shop Any Indian Stores

It doesn't matter which stores you consumers are shopping from Forward Parcel allow clients and retailers the option to provide our shipping address.

Free Storage (small)

Free Storage Facility

Forward Parcel provides complimentary consolidation packaging so that you get just one courier parcel, not many. Combining packages means lower courier costs too.

International Shipping (small)

International Shipping

As always, Forward Parcel does what it does best – ship internationally with seamless ease.

Why Choose Forward Parcel for international shipping from India eCommerce?

Get easy access to Indian shopping sites from anywhere globally with shipping rates as affordable as possible. Our services enable online shopping from India and shipping to the abroad with a streamlined set of courier services and ease that one has never known before.

Free Storage (large)

Make international shipping more efficient

At Forward Parcel, we make your process more productive and accurate for international shipping from India eCommerce


Shipping Expertise That Believes Ahead

To keep your business running sleekly, we will help you align with your shipping fluctuations.

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Reliable and trustworthy

We are cent per cent reliable and offer the most affordable rates in the market. You can start with our services as we guarantee 100% client satisfaction.

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Excellent customer support

We are backed with a responsive client service who are experts on all things shipping. They keep track of exactly when your package arrives, ships, or is en route with email confirmations.

Free Address (large)

Personal Shipping Address

Forward Parcel provides you with your own FREE virtual shipping address where you can store all your customer orders from India and get it delivered to their international destinations.

Free Packaging

Free Packaging

If you're stressed about product packaging, then don't worry. We'll repackage all your eCommerce products without charging any extra cost to you.

No surprise fee

No additional charges

At Forward Parcel, transparency is our priority and keeping that in mind, we quote you the best all-inclusive price and won't catch you by surprise.

Quick Delivery

Quick Delivery

Forward Parcel uses reputed couriers like DHL, FEDEX, UPS and other similar couriers based on service availability. We thoroughly look into the process that cuts your waiting time by delivering them swiftly.

Sail your products smoothly to your destination with our international shipping from India eCommerce

International shipping means you get the same excellent service for imports as you do for your export shipments. At Forward Parcel, ensure our import process are optimized by producing online tools for shipping, monitoring, tracking, lending our expertise in customs clearance and maintaining abreast of all the most advanced rules and regulations.

Social seller

For Social Sellers

If your Instagram business is growing and ready to start selling in new countries or if your business overseas is expanding, then it's time to work on your international shipping strategy with us and utilize us as your sole partners. This means cross-border shipping and all that comes with it – from customs paperwork to duties and taxes. Forward Parcel is one of the most reliable Shipping Gateway as it delivers a seamless shipping experience and global growth potential to your small or large-scale businesses.

Own shop

For Shop Owners

Forward Parcel supports small business owners and contributes to their success, and our service is cut out especially for them. If you sell your products online or offline and need a trustworthy, safe and reliable partner to send shipments to expand your international clients, we are the answer. All you have to do is, just partner with us. Our rates are steeply discounted and enjoyed by all clients.

Forward Parcel, your one-stop destination for reliable international shipments!

Our small business shipping solutions furnish reliable and flexible international shipping options. Whether your small business wants to ship parcels to the U.S. or anywhere globally, we can help your shipments run more efficiently. So, partner with us to get a head start on the path to international growth.

What we do
Robust Shipping Process

Either leverage on our smart international shipping solution or set custom automation rules for your preferred couriers.

Top brand carriers

Employ a proficient shipping network and expand your reach internationally with instant access to pre-negotiated rates and exceptional services, all with just one account.

Customer support

Embrace reliable, cost-effective, and hassle-free door-to-door service to send your Parcel off to you wherever you're abroad!

Massive savings
Precise tracking

Advanced container tracking to provide end-to-end visibility & predictability of your shipment.

6 Reasons why Forward parcel international shipping from India eCommerce is the best!

Seamless, safe and secure shipping
Offers integrations to Supercharge Your Business
Quality Assurance and 24/7 Customer Support.
Dedicated one-point of contact
We are committed to providing reliable shipping service with NO hidden cost.
Customised and proficient service .

Get ready to let your customers shop from the online store they want!

Tata Cliq

We make your international shipping easier and simpler!

Trust us, we strategize around your needs, and our experts will swoop in & take care of it all for you.

Experience the never-before-like shipping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Just place your order on the online portal, and use our Indian Virtual Address as the delivery address for your order.

It usually depends on the weight/volume and service partner you choose. You can check our shipping prices instantly here: https://forwardparcel.com/shipping-calculator.

Forward Parcel is an International shopping, shipping & consolidation company that helps shoppers shop from Indian online shopping sites without worrying about international amazon shipping.

Login, visit to your Forward parcel Dashboard, select your product, complete the process and check out.

Yes, no matter where you are located, our worldwide shipping service will ensure that you receive your Parcel from India.