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Being an Indian living overseas, I feel like I have I highly grown accustomed to the western culture… I feel like indo-western ethnic wear is my way of integrating my Indian heritage with my sense of style. It is also a very comfortable way to dress, especially when the sun is out.

So, if you are like me and love to dress fashionably comfortable, check out the websites below…

1. https://www.tjori.com: I am a sucker for wide-legged pants and Tjori satisfies my love for them. They provide a wide number of options too. They also have a great footwear collection. Tjori

2. https://www.nicobar.com/: This site is my guilty pleasure. It is so well put together that sometimes I just browse through it when I am bored or procrastinating. The style of clothing is very modern, and I love the funkiness of all the accessories. Nicobar

3. https://www.theloom.in/: The loom has a great deal of variety. The collection that I really loved is the Bagru art saree collection. The fabric is so light, and the patterns are just so my aesthetic. Overall, this site is definitely one of my constants!! The Loom

4. https://thepotplant.in/ : The style of clothing featured on this website is very different from traditional ethnic wear and I would push it more towards the contemporary side as well. The Pot Plant

5. https://anavila.com/: This is one sit I just love scrolling through. Anavila showcases a different side of ethnic wear that I just cannot help but love. If you love fashion that is a bit different and authentic, I think this site is something you would definitely enjoy scrolling through. Anavila

6. https://www.fabindia.com/: We all know Fabinida… and honestly, how could it not make the list of our favorite ethnic wear. It continues to have a great ethnic collection and also a very comfortable collection. Fabindia

7. https://chidiyaa.com/: Chidiyaa has some gorgeous pieces. I have to say there are only a handful of things I may not love… and OMG!! Please check out the Cotton Mul Sarees… I promise you will not regret it. Chidiyaa

8. https://www.jaypore.com/: The handloom/handwoven cotton pieces are always my go-to on Jaypore. I love the colors and styles. They also have a great jewelry collection. Jaypore

9. https://www.globaldesi.in/: I have always loved global desi. It is honestly the store that really made me love ethnic wear. The concept of traditional and contemporary designs in a modern-styled outfit was something I instantly fell in love with. Global Desi

10. https://www.biba.in/: You probably have already heard about BIBA, but I still love the brand even today. They have adapted with time and produce some very beautiful pieces. The mix and match range adapts to a more contemporary style which is the aesthetic I look for. Another thing I love about BIBA is that the children’s section is equally as special. BIBA

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